Henderson has developed wetsuit systems for all water rescue situations, for both military and civilian applications. Henderson has been a supplier of water rescue suits to the USCG for more than 20 years. These rescue suits have been proven during tens of thousands of hours of intense Search and Rescue operations. Every suit is hand crafted to exact specifications in the United States at Henderson’s New Jersey factory. Many of the Henderson Rescue items listed have been chosen for use as replacement and original issue by the USCG (US Coast Guard) Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Program. If you require assistance selecting the appropriate items for your Public Safety Diving Team and/or Surface Water Rescue Team, we are here to help. SAR and SPEC OPS products are for sale only to Local, State, Federal, and Foreign Government agencies. Please contact Henderson for more information via email at SAR@hendersonusa.com.

BAA: Buy American Act Compliant Wetsuit Program

New for 2014

Henderson is proud to offer a full line of Wetsuits which are MADE IN THE USA and fully comply with the Buy American Act (BAA) for all US Government agencies. In most cases these wetsuits will be stocked and will be available for immediate delivery from our Manufacturing facility in New Jersey on or around March 31, 2014. Stocked wetsuits will be available in all Black.

Made in the U.S.A.




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