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Sizes S, M, MS, MT, L, LS, LT, XL, XLS, XLT, 2XL, 2XLS, 2XLT, 3XL    Size Chart

WEIGHT:125-135 lbs.135-150 lbs.150-170 lbs.140-160 lbs.160-180 lbs.155-175 lbs.170-190 lbs.160-180 lbs.180-200 lbs.
WEIGHT:190-210 lbs.190-210 lbs.200-220 lbs.210-230 lbs.200-220 lbs.220-240 lbs.230-250 lbs.250-270 lbs.270-290 lbs.290-325 lbs.


SKU TL830MB (3MM), TL850MB (5MM), TL870MB (7MM)

Henderson has a long history of designing and manufacturing wetsuits for the United States Government at our New Jersey, USA factory. Today, Henderson manufactures its Spec-Ops wetsuits used by the United States Coast Guard, United States Special Forces and various sectors of the United States Armed Services for Special Ops, Explosive Ordinance Disposal and SAR (Search & Rescue) operations and training. Although Henderson Spec-Ops suits are not available to the public, the Henderson TALON is now available for recreational users. Each TALON wetsuit is cut, hand glued, assembled and sewn in our USA factory using the exact specifications and materials used in our Spec-Ops line. TALON wetsuits must be special ordered. TALON wetsuits are made one at a time, specifically for the owner. Every suit bears a registration number and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the craftsperson that inspected it. This guarantees that the TALON wetsuit you receive was made in the USA to Henderson’s exacting standards.